Let me introduce myself. –
I am the host of various kinds of events
My name is Fedor Vonyatinskiy!

I firmly believe that he animator must be closely connected to the host of the celebration, This to come together to the unforgettable , unique
enchanting, and soul touching result of the wishes of the host . It must be magical.
For 15 years of professional career I have managed a lot:
— I held more than 400 official events of the highest level.
-I Organized and held more than 550 weddings in Russia and abroad
-I am a member of the international Club of the leading «Holiday virtuosos».
And now, I’m absolutely ready,
to organize, think over and hold your event.
If you want to make your holiday special,
unforgettable, beautiful and unique…
Call me, I will turn Your wildest dreams into reality!