Belgium is a country with a long-standing traditions and excellent European cuisine.

Many tourists indulge themselves the pleasure to sit in restaurants and cafes of this hospitable area. Just a couple of dishes and you are in love with the delicate taste of meat, the original combination of vegetables and unique desserts, which seem to be nowhere else in the world. Returning home you want to stay in touch with Belgian cuisine.

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According to your desire the restaurant is ready to hold banquets, corporate events and family holidays. Especially for you will be selected individual conditions of service. Also, we can arrange catering services(visiting food delivery) and deliver cakes from our confectionery to designated address. We guarantee that after visiting the restaurant Ilyinsky hills (Dmitrov, S. Ilyinsky), guests will be satisfied.

The restaurant Ilyinsky hills is the Belgian story for residents of Dmitrov.

Now we tell you about history and culture .

Located between France and Holland, the Kingdom of Belgium incorporates the best from Europe. It embodies the essence of Europe and is truly multicultural and multilingual state.

Belgium is a country mainly known for its beer, chocolate and diamonds. Belgian cuisine merits attention. It is not inferior to both French and German. This is a real Paradise for gourmets. Belgium has more than a hundred Breweries, it is inhabited by more than 10 million inhabitants. Nowhere else in the world are so many different styles of brewing as here.

There are invented about 500 different Beers that have unique character.

To sum up, Belgium is…

the young state, founded in 1830, gained independence from the Netherlands during the Belgian revolution. In the past, this land belonged in turn to the Spanish, French, Austrians, Dutch and Germans.
Melting pot of cultures located on the border between the German and Latin worlds.
6 million population — Flemish, Walloon — 3.5 million, and 1 million inhabitants of Brussels.
0.02% of the earth’s surface and 0.16% of the world’s population.
30 528 km2 of the surface.
It borders on France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany.
The highest point in Belgium is the Botrange mountain (FR. Botrange), 694 meters above sea level.